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????????The concept of "Hyper-Realism" was originated in China’s traditional culture. The poet of late Tang Dynasty Sikong Tu had proposed that "beyond the appearances to get the content ", which took people as the main part of art, to show the human will, and pursuit of an artistic spirit in the outside appearance.

???????? "Hyper-Realism", was a long-term proposition that Wang Linxu explored the art and the cultural thoughts, but also a new concept for the development of the contemporary artistic world. Wang Linxu researched Chinese art and ink for many years. Since the mid-80s of last century to the present, he had been exploring a kind of spirit for the times with "Hyper-Realism" art.

Wang Linxu and his works of

Wang Linxu and his works of "Hyper-Realism" art

????????What Wang Linxu explored was how to realize the dialogue, interaction and expansion between Chinese and Western art, on this basis to complete the innovation of traditional Chinese ink painting. His "Hyper-Realism" works were focus on the theme of nature, he not only used traditional Chinese rice paper and ink as the painting materials, but also introduced gold, silver, cinnabar and other special painting materials; taken soft brush, pen, ink, paint and other methods stack into the painting technology; Within the artistic language, he combined the concrete image of Chinese painting with Western abstract painting, so that the performance of works could be with more abundant thoughts and emotions. His work could adapt the language for the environment of contemporary international art, and also maintain the aesthetic characteristics of oriental art.

????????The art thinking of "Hyper-Realism" was based on Chinese philosophy; the main techniques were from Chinese art, absorbing the art strengths from other countries and nations. Painter took much attention to the combination of personal feelings and of human culture, and the combination of nature during the creative process, which with a mood of an actual situation in the works, at the same time, let the audience into an atmosphere of color and visual impact, and resulting in a varied feeling of beauty.

????????In the works of "Hyper-Realism", the "line" in Chinese painting had become a "side ", but the audience could feel the "line" was in the painting. If the color effect of Western art combined with Chinese art of ink, it would make people imaging with peaks, rivers, morning mist, dust, lava, the universe and other grand landscape.。

????????The art of "Hyper-Realism" merged with Western Impressionist Art, Oriental painting styles and techniques of Chinese ink painting, which showed a cross-cultural aesthetic value. In the aspect of Painting materials, it used the coffee, ash, minerals, flowers, trees and other different materials together, which reflected the artist’s feelings back to nature; in the aspect of subject, it had a variety of abstract images from the nature to produce a stimulating effect of eco-energy.

????????Wang Linxu’s works were no longer the performance of mountains, water, trees, stones and other specific landscape, but the understanding and the imagination for the universe and nature. He used the abstract expression to show Chinese people’s understanding of artistic beauty. His abstract art was different from any Western artists, because his works contained both the aesthetics of contemporary Western art and the understanding for the beauty of oriental culture.

????????Wang Linxu’s art of “Hyper-Realism” had experienced 20 years of development.

????????In 1986, during the childhood for learning Chinese ink painting, Wang Linxu had began to think: how to make a dialogue for Chinese traditional art and world art. When researching the art achievements of Lin Fengmian, Zhao Wou-ki, Zhu Dequn, Liu Kuo-sung, Wu Guanzhong and other traditional Chinese painting masters, he began to explore a new form of ink painting, which was the first beginning point for his “Hyper-Realism” test.

????????From 1990 to 1992, Wang Linxu studied the creative skill of Yokoyama Grand, Hirayama Ikuo, Higashiyama Kaii and other Japanese painters’ experience in Japan, learning the artistic effect of gold and silver material in Japanese painting, and then started to dissolve the concepts and techniques of Japanese paintings into the traditional Chinese works.

????????From 1995 to 2002, Wang Linxu was invited to work with non-governmental organizations in New York in the United Nations, during this period he researched the works of Picasso Braque, Blake, Mondrian, Miro, Kandinsky, Brancusi and Marty Cleary Adams, who gave him deep inspiration. At the same time, he accepted the modern metropolis of visual arts, understanding the contemporary international artists’ expressionism in the field of abstract art. Since then, his reform of the materials that used in Chinese ink painting had became clearly.

????????After that, he studied the art theory and writing style of Monet, Van Gogh and other Western Impressionist painters in the investigation of Europe Culture, the theory of “Hyper-Realism” art that blending Chinese and Western art had began to complete.

????????The process for the formation of “Hyper-Realism” art was the process of Wang Linxu’s thinking and testing, and also his extensive exchanges with foreign artists. He held more than 50 art exhibitions in Japan, Singapore, the United States, South Korea, France, Austria, Cameroon, Congo, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other regions, countries and the United Nations Headquarters, IGO; he examined more than one hundred countries and regions for the world art and culture, which gave Wang Linxu a broad artistic vision, so that he could face the world with an open mind and learning attitude. Careful observation of the world, deep understanding for life, pursuits of art, and learning from their predecessors, seriously considering the direction of art, which were the artistic attitude of Wang Linxu who could be engaged in artistic innovation with this attitude, it would cost a long time for his success. After 20 years of efforts, with his art exhibition of "Hyper-Realism", Wang Linxu shows his innovation for the public today.

????????Art of "Hyper-Realism", which was the new height for Wang Linxu’s development of arts, but not the end of exploration, from November 17th to 23rd, 2010, "Wang Linxu’s Exhibition of Hyper-Realism ", held in Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy, was only his outcome of a stage for the art of "Hyper-Realism". The exhibition made people to experience a new artistic spirit, finding a new prospect of art.

Golden Award from FOTUN to international outstanding artist of super-impressionism Prof. Wang Linxu


Golden Award from FOTUN to international outstanding artist of super-impressionism Prof. Wang Linxu



?Beijing ICP Recorded NO. 06060254